Our Story

It’s a new way of life

Our company has been operating for over 30 years in Sri Lanka and has earned its reputation as one of the key alcohol manufacturers. It was established in 1988 as AEF (Pvt) Ltd in a small town in Ragama by Mr.Nelson Fernando and Mrs.Daisy De Soysa.

By 1989, with the start of our production facility, AEF (Pvt) Ltd became the 10th alcohol manufacturer in Sri Lanka and was paying more than LKR 700,000 as excise tax.

We were able to introduce different brands to our adult alcohol consumer segments with superior quality and value for money. The following brands gave us a strong footing in the industry and helped us grow our market share by winning the loyalty of our consumers.

With the growth of our company we reached a key milestone in 2006. AEF (Pvt) Ltd was re-established as V.A Distilleries (Pvt) Ltd with Mr. Vajirapani Gunasekera and Mrs. Piyumi Gunasekera as our new directors and moved our manufacturing facility to Padukka.

We have been continuously serving our adult consumers with superior quality products and also establishing our company as a key manufacturer, contributing over 1billion rupees as excise tax.